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Hanging Planter

Discover our range of gorgeous  hanging pot plants  to brighten up your living space! Having plants in the house has long been reported to improve your health and happiness, plus they look great!  Hanging plants indoor  has been a long-time favourite of interior designers for this very reason.

If you’re looking to add a touch of green to your home,  hanging pots  are a lovely way to display your plants and can bring character to otherwise dull spaces. Whether you’re looking for the dramatic effect of cascading ivy, or simple, easy-to-care for succulents, Lulu & Angel can help you find the best  hanging plants  for your needs. Our Hanging Planters & Pots come in a range of shapes and styles ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Shop this range online now or take a look at our   Outside Inside  and   Terrarium  collections for more stunning plant life for the home.

Devil's Ivy Concrete Hanging Planter $139.00
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Macramé Shell Hanging Planter from $70.00
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