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Terrarium Replant Service

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At Lulu & Angel we offer a Terrarium Replant Service.  If your terrarium is in need of a little TLC or a complete makeover, we can bring your terrarium back to its original glory.  We will re-do the layers of pebbles, charcoal and soil, adding fresh new plants and finishing off with lush green ground covers and moss for our Rainforest terrariums or pebbles for our Desertscapes.

Small Terrarium Replant include- small Soho, medium San Jose, Pixie

Medium Terrarium Replant include- Small Capsule, Tall Capsule, Large & Wide San Jose, Apothecary

Large Terrarium Replant include- Garden of Eden, Super Size Garden of Eden, Revival Fishbowls

Contact us at info@luluandangel.com.au to arrange this service.

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